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Sasha continuously is in search of the investor, and few acquaintances in such business don’t happen. We got acquainted on the country beach: "Hello, I am Sasha. What beautiful bathing suit! At once it is visible that you are related to science!" And at once about the: "Nano? Yes we with Petka published article 20 years ago, Germans on development of money gave!"                                                                                     Sasha has a laboratory in Dmitrov and branch at the dacha in the Solar Glade. Now Sasha is shipped in a nanoworld (tries to take energy from air) and works on an immortality problem. I spent several days with Sasha, photographing and writing down his comments on a dictophone. The story is made of fragments of dictation records. I hope, those who understand in physics more me, will be able to estimate Sashina the ideas and his contribution to science.
How to hold on in small business longer than three years.
96,6 percent of the registered small enterprises don’t live in Russia longer than three years. The reasons - the difficult legislation, the shortage of information on changes in laws, ruble exchange rate, increase in prices for raw materials, high rates on the credits. 
Heroes of this publication - the remained 3,4 percent which could overcome a three-year boundary. They live in the small city of Tarusa, stick 24 hours a day for the sake of the business on an apiary, in the gym, in bakery or in the private museum.
Kuznetsov are the most widespread surname in the world. The English Smith, German Shmidt, Spanish Fernan are also Kuznetsovs. I shooted Kuznetsov in Totma. I had the most truthful social  picture of society turned out.
Lyuska is the only inhabitant of Tolokovnikovo village, Pskov’s region. All the amenities she has are cellphone and non-permanent electricity. Her house is located about 5 km away from the closest settlement. “Roads, as well as salary, football and cinema are shit!” – Lyuska says.
In our 10th class 134 of the St. Petersburg school was 12 boys and 16 girls studied. It was the most usual class of the most usual school. There passed 40 years, we stopped being school students. But we keep together, we meet, we help each other. I told about my schoolmates - about those who come to meetings, about those who don’t come, and about those who will never come any more.
Lev and Svetlana Nikonov are artists of a varnish miniature.
Varnish miniature.
Production and hand painting of porcelain at the plant in Dulevo.
Production and hand painting of porcelain at the plant in Gzhel.