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Lyuska is the only inhabitant of Tolokovnikovo village, Pskov’s region. All the amenities she has are cellphone and non-permanent electricity. Her house is located about 5 km away from the closest settlement. Her house is located about 5 km away from the closest settlement. “Roads, as well as salary, football and cinema are shit!” – Lyuska says.
My schoolmate told me about an extraordinary woman she knows. “Alone in the village all year round?” – it surprised me so much that soon I was on my way to Pskov region. “Lyuska” – that’s how Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna introduced herself. Mother’s handicrafts are carefully stored in a chest and to be used on Church holidays only.
“I’ve never used lipstick. Mom didn’t like that.  Eye pencil only. Foul language is a ban to not hurt mother in heaven.’
The New Year’s Eve is not a day to celebrate in comparison with The Christmas. In her childhood Lyuska’s family neither placed a Christmas tree nor gave gifts. Mother made some pies and that was it.
Lyuska can easily do any job. She sews a new pillowcase on the sewing machine from Norilsk.
Lyuska copes with everyday housework herself. She’s been taught since childhood to chop wood and bring water from the well.
Lyuska makes a haircut herself. It is necessary to look good by The New Year’s Eve.
We went to bed after The President Vladimir Putin congratulated the country with the beginning of a new year. I left next morning. And again, Lyuska stayed alone waiting for another guest to arrive.
Lyuska does everything the way her mother did. If she can’t visit the church then she reads akathists at home and prays according to her mother’s books. She prayed for my journey so that I would have got home easily.